Flutter Web: easy way

Hey Flutter Dev’s, Flutter Web: easy way blog explains how to install flutter for web development. Many web developers are happy that flutter has finally released a web development SDK. In previous SDK web, developers were upset as the SDK was only supporting mobile development. Now it’s a great satisfaction for web developers. Flutter provides various widgets with awesome UI features. In addition, the widgets are lightweight. These lightweight widgets make web applications superior. So, to make web developers happy flutter has upgraded Flutter SDK. This upgraded Flutter is nothing but the same SDK with web support. It is easy to make the setup for those who know how to set up Flutter for mobile. But if you want to know the mobile development setup also then you can refer to my previous blog “Mobile setup installation blog”. However, we can have the setup for a web application.

To set this Flutter Web, you must follow the below steps:

- Install the Flutter SDK for your suitable operating system from Flutter’s official website.
- To run the web application, one must need a web browser. Flutter has chosen its debugging browser as default. This browser is called the Chrome browser. As all developers are very much familiar with this browser. Therefore, no need to explain in detail. If you don’t have a chrome setup, please install it from the link.
- This step is optional but for those who are a newbie for them, this step is important.



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