Fixed: Unable to locate abd

Hello flutter dev’s, today we are going to have look at how we Fixed: Unable to locate abd error. It is said that it is the key point of the developer to resolve not only errors but also to solve warnings. In the same situation, we have seen an error. While running the emulator or android virtual device. It was the scenario that when we clicked the play button on AVD manager. It showed an alert message. However, the process continued to run the emulation or AVD. But still, the alert message popping up every time while running the emulator is irritating. Thus, we will remove this error with the following steps. That we have tried on our system and we have got successful.

Steps how we “Fixed: Unable to locate abd” error:

- Create a new Flutter project. If you are new to flutter please read the blog to create your First Flutter Application. After the creation of your project go to the AVD manager.

- Click on the play button to run the Emulator.

- Then you will see the following alert:

Fixed: Unable to locate abd

- Then to resolve the error, go to SDK Manager. In setting section select Android SDK.

- Click on “Edit” near “Android ADK Location” box. You will find below screen.

Here it will update the Android SDK with the missing SDK components.

- Then after that, click next.

- Again, click next, you will get below screen as result:

- Finally click Finish.

Reason why the error Occurred:

This is how we will remove the alert message. We have resolved the error, but do you know why this message pops up. The reason is some of the SDK components were missing in the SDK folder and while running the emulator, the AVD manager searches for the missing components. Therefore, it throws an alert message. This is why we need to update the SDK folder through the SDK manager from Android Studio. Guy don’t forget to connect internet; it won’t show the missing component message.



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