Create First App: Flutter

In this blog, we are going to learn how to Create First App: Flutter using android studio. If you are new to flutter you can go through my previous blog: Flutter Installation For Windows.

To create First App: Flutter, follow the steps:

- Open the Android Studio in your system.
- On opening Android Studio, you have to choose “Start new Flutter Project”.
- Then select Flutter Application from below screen:

After that you need to fill following inputs:

- Project Name: Write your desired Application name.
- Flutter SDK Path: The flutter path where your flutter SDK folder exists
- Project Location: The folder location where you want to store the created Application
- Descriptions: Any description that shows a summary of your Application

- In the next screen choose the company domain name for example or for local projects you can give any domain name for example

- After that click finish. It will take some time to load the screen. On the other hand, you will see the Application with minimum resources loaded on your screen.

.idea: This folder contain all the configuration related to Android Studio.

.android: This folder contains the Android project information. It means when the flutter code is compiled into the native code, it will be included in the Android project. Therefore, the result will be a native Android application. For example, when you create a flutter project you need Android Emulator to run the project.



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